Grippitz Eazy Blacks

Grippitz Eazy Blacks


Grippitz Eazy Blacks are deesigned to provide the grip, protection and support for wheelchair users who are looking for a glove that makes pushing easier, hence the name Eazy. 

Made with pure high grade rubber palms, these Grippitz actively work to enhance your ability to push the wheels. Because the rubber palm is quite 'tacky' the gloves work on coated rims, metal rims and even when pushing on the tyre. 

Grippitz Eazy Blacks, are designed to be more comfortable for day to day use with a friction grip, rather than a traction grip. The thick leather pad on the back is great for back hand braking and for wrist stability and protection. 

  • Product Information

    Designed in the UK, the gloves are made using Polyurethane Rubber, Leather & Velcro.

  • Return and Refund Policy

    Each product is quality checked before being sent to you. Hower, if there is a genuine fault with the product on arrival, a full refund will be given once the product has been returned (postage at customers cost). Any feedback is welcome and all other requests for a refund will be at sellers discretion

  • Sizing Guide

    Measure the widest part of your dominant hand to check what your Grippitz are.

    Small             20.5 cm      8 inches

    Medium         21.5 cm      8.5 inches

    Large             23.5 cm      9.2 inches

    Extra Large    24.5 cm      9.6 inches