Grippitz Sizing Guide

Measure the widest part of your dominant hand.




Extra Large

20.5 cm     

21.5 cm     

23.5 cm     

24.5 cm      

8 inches

8.5 inches

9.2 inches

9.6 inches

Grippitz Hand Size Measurement

Using Your Grippitz Gloves

The first thing you'll need to do when you get your new Grippitz is to 'break them in'. These gloves are a bit like new boots, they'll need to be worn and flexed a few times before they mould to the shape of your hand. Also, the grippy rubber is firm when it is new, so it needs to be worked a bit so that it covers more surface area when you are pushing your chair. After you've spent a good few days wearing your gloves, you'll notice they get easier to put on and the grip improves.

Tips from Grippitz Users.

VH in the UK says cutting the thumb off the Grippitz made it easier to use the mobile phone.


DS in the UK pulls shirt sleeves up or down more easily and similarly uses the grippy pad to push the back of a shirt or jumper down (this is especially helpful in winter!).


HT in Canada does wheelchair dancing and says Grippitz are great on the dance floor and on rough terrain outdoors, especially uphills.


Ben in the US likes pushing for long distances to exercise, he says, Grippitz help give him a better workout, go further and now the skin on his hands is not dirty and cracked from pushing on the tyres.

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