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Grippitz was started in 2016 By Dave Shraga. These products were fundamentally born out of the necessity of living a full life with a high level spinal cord injury.


Dave broke his neck at C4/C5 in 2001,  but that didn't hold him back from living a very active and functional life. He has travelled half of the world, done numerous crazy challenges for charity and even managed to fit in doing an undergraduate and masters degree.


One of the first things he realised was that the injury had affected his grip, so when it came to handling the wheelchair a lot of energy was wasted with his hands slipping on the pushrims leading to sore hands, broken skin and getting mud and dirt all over his hands.

This led to trying out cycling gloves and generic 'wheelchair gloves', which were time-consuming to put on, lacked grip, were expensive and never lasted more than a month or two. 


After years of making his own gloves he started marketing Grippitz, with the aim of providing quality heavy duty wheelchair gloves which are suitable for those  wanting to pursue all that life has to offer, regardless of the challenges.

Profile photo of Dave Shraga
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