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Your Journey, Your Rules

Grippitz gloves came about because I broke my neck and ended up in a situation where no one else had any good answers for my questions. Such as where can I get good, tough wheelchair gloves the suit an active tetraplegic? It's not just like buying new shoes.

So I decided if this s my problem, then i'll fix it, it's my journey, so i'll make the rules and the gloves!

I desiged the new logo on the site and on the gloves to symbolize 'the life journey'.

I intertwined a G and an old fashioned Z to create a kindof 'spiral' effect, with the bottom of the Z as a kind of path or road. In many cultures across southern Africa, like Zimbabwe (where i am from) and in Celtic regons, the spiral symbolizes a life journey.

The reason I did this, is because I made these wheelchair gloves to help me and of course you, to get around, go to the places you want to and do the things you want to.

And that's why the logo says 'Your journey, Your rules'. Because in your life you should get to decide how you want to live, regardless of your physical condition.

I hope Grippitz gloves give you the grip to get where you're going and help you make the rules in your journey, as they have done in mine.

All the best,


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