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Grippitz Original gloves are hard wearing and give you traction when pushing on your tyres or rubber-coated pushrims, in all kinds of weather


Theses gloves also provide increased stability during transfers by stopping your hand slipping.


The Grippitz Original Cuffs are designed to provide the traction, protection and support for wheelchair users who are looking for a glove that can stand up to hard use in extreme conditions.


Made from with highly textured, hard wearing rubber, these wheelchair user gloves are really tough.


Grippitz Original's are similar to a new pair of hiking boots,  in the sense that it takes a few good days out to wear them in.


Grippitz Originals, are designed to provide maximum traction between the glove and the wheels or rubber coated push rims and are ideal for outdoor usage.


Originals are designed to be tough and hardwearing for that rough and ready lifestyle.


Designed in the UK, the gloves are made using Polyurethane Rubber, Leather & Velcro.


    A lot of customers have commented at how 'hard' this rubber is, this rubber has been specially selected for its durability and traction.

    However, if you are not a 'hard pusher', then these gloves are not for you. You would be better off choosing the Eazy Cuff Grippitz to push your wheelchair


    Each product is quality checked before being despatched to you.

    Hower, if there is a genuine fault with the product on arrival, a full refund will be given once the product has been returned (postage at customers cost).

    Any feedback is welcome and all other requests for a refund will be at sellers discretion.  See more details here.


    Measure the widest part of your dominant hand to check what your size your Grippitz should be:

    Small                20.5 cm      8 inches

    Medium           21.5 cm      8.5 inches

    Large                23.5 cm      9.2 inches

    Extra Large    24.5 cm      9.6 inches


    "Got the gloves and they are awesome! They are really well made and sturdy. They are easy to put on and the Velcro is sturdy and easy to handle. The grip is good..."

    - EJ

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