Hard wearing wheelchair gloves, suitable for quadriplegics, tetraplegics and those with limited dexterity.
Designed to offer maximum protection, grip and support with the use of tough, grippy rubber, Leather and Velcro.

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Grippitz gloves come in two designs:


Originals-Hard wearing for tough activities & all climates

Reds - Flexible & comfortable for daily use.

"After 16 years of pushing my wheelchair through rain and shine, uphill and down, through the mud and over the grass, I've found a design I can work with and the right people to put it together. 

I use mine every day, whether I'm going to work, exercising or just for a stroll in the park.  

Now I'm sharing Grippitz with you because it's a product I believe in." 

Dave Shraga, Founder of Grippitz.