person wearing Grippitz wheelchair glove and pushing a wheelchair
Grippitz Original wheelchair glove, with textured rubber palm
Grippitz wheelchair push gloves with label

Hard wearing wheelchair gloves, for quadriplegics, tetraplegics and people with limited dexterity.

Designed to offer maximum protection, grip and support with the use of tough, grippy rubber, Leather and Velcro.

Grippitz gloves come in two designs:


Grippitz Original push gloves with tough, textured rubber palm
Grippitz Eazy wheelchair push gloves

Originals: Hard wearing for tough activities & all climates

Eazy Blacks: Flexible & comfortable for daily use.


Grippitz features

Grippitz gloves are designed to support and protect you when pushing your wheelchair.

They are easier to take on and off than other gloves, your Grippitz will also improve your transfers.

Hand wearing Grippitz Original wheelchair pushing glove

Original Grip

Grippitz Original gloves are hard wearing and give you traction when pushing on your tyres or rubber-coated pushrims, in all kinds of weather

Theses gloves also provide increased stability during transfers by stopping your hand slipping. .

Grippitz Eazy blacks wheelchair pushing glove on wheelchair rims

Eazy Grip

Grippitz Eazy Blacks offer comfort, flexibility and a lot of friction! 

The combination of the friction and flexibility grip means it is easier for you to push yourself around. 


These gloves also help with transfers, by keeping your hands where you need them.

Wheelchair with Grippitz wheelchair pushing glove. Showing glove protection and braking


The tough leather pad on the back of the cuff protects your hand from the wheels when using the back-handed braking method.


This pad also offers extra wrist support and protection for those who have limited wrist extension.



Grippitz Cuffs are designed with two strong velcro tabs which provide a high level of security, giving your wrists the support they need for an active day.

Check out the videos and images below to see which Grippitz you prefer and how to take them on and off. Feel free to send your photos in to show other people where you went with your Grippitz! 

"After 16 years of pushing my wheelchair through rain and shine, uphill and down, through the mud and over the grass, I've found a design I can work with and the right people to put it together. 

I use mine every day, whether I'm going to work, exercising or just for a stroll in the park.  

Now I'm sharing Grippitz with you because it's a product I believe in." 

Dave Shraga, Founder of Grippitz.